GINESART – Cervesa artesana de Ginestar is a microbrewery located in Ginestar, on the left bank of river Ebre, in the region of Ribera d'Ebre, within the protected area declared Biosphere Reserve. Our microbrewery bets on malt combinations to find a perfect equilibrium between both ends of taste and flavor scales. Our beer is made with the willingness of offering a top quality craft beer: our beers are ARTISANAL, INTEGRAL and NATURAL.

Our microbrewery has a 100 weekly-litre production capacity. With the maceration production system through the simple infusion method, the production process is manual. Thanks to these specific production characteristics, CRAFT BEERS are produced.

Our beers have the ingredients covered under the German law of purity (Reinheitsgebot) of 1516: water, barley and wheat malt, hops and yeast. So, INTEGRAL BEER is made thanks to these ingredients.

In our company, NATURAL BEERS are produced without pasteurization. The carbonic gas is naturally produced by the yeast left in the bottle. Our beers are live and evolve over time. Alcoholic fermentation is a traditional way of transforming food in order to extend its conservation, thus avoiding the addition of any artificial preservative to beer.

Our microbrewery is specialized in ALES or high-fermentation. We recommended you to drink our beers fresh or less cold than LAGER beers.


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