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Ginesart Beers



Cervesa Raure Ginesart

This a special beer, fun in mouth, toasted in view, with hints of hops and final wood taste. Very refreshing. It is ideal as a refresher and with appetizers. Beer that has been fermented with French oak wood and has been kept in bottle for 3 months.

Beer style: OLD ALE. High-fermented toasted beer, matured with French oak wood.
Tasting notes: Consistent and tan, with all the intensity of hops and aftertaste of wood.
Ingredients: Malts: Pale Ale, Viena, Xocolate and Munich. Flower of the hops: Nugget, East Ken Goldings and Saaz. Yeast.
Serving temperature: between 10 and 14ºC
Alcohol content: 4,5% Alc. Vol.


Il·lusió Weiss


Il·lusió Weiss Ginesart

This is a beer with special characteristics such as its softness in mouth and a final taste that reminds of toasted and nuts.

Beer style: WEIZEN ALE. Light wheat. Very refreshing and aromatic. Turbid aspect.
Tasting notes: Combines the freshness of the wheat with the floral aroma of Saaz hops.
Ingredients: Malts: Pilsen, wheat and wheat flakes. Flower of the hops: Saaz and Hallertauer. Yeast.
Serving temperature: between 4 and 10ºC
Alcohol content: 5,1% Alc. Vol.



This is a light beer with a delicate touch of ripe fruits and a final walnut taste in mouth. Very refreshing in hot days.

Beer style: IBER ALE. High-fermented lager adapted to the style of the country.
Tasting notes: All the intensity of the hope in combination with the malt, perfect to quench thirst.
Ingredients: Malts: Pale ale, Pilsen and wheat. Flower of the hops: Cascade and Saaz. Yeast.
Serving temperature: between 8 and 12ºC
Alcohol content: 5% Alc. Vol.




Cervesa Autèntica

Made with an accurate combination of three different malts that make it a special beer, fun in mouth and toasted in view. Its bouquet exudes tradition taste that can be sensed in the final brewer taste. It is ideal as a meal accompaniment.

Beer style: PALE ALE. High-fermented toasted beer, in the traditional English style.
Tasting notes: Consistent and tan, made to enjoy an intense taste.
Ingredients: Malts: Pale Ale, Vienna, Ambar and Carawheat. Flower of the hops: Fuggles and Saaz. Yeast.
Serving temperature: between 8 and 14ºC
Alcohol content: 4,8% Alc. Vol.